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Safe & Responsible

You can rest assured that we are very serious about providing our arts and crafts activities in a safe and responsible manner. All tools and materials are age and stage appropriate. Paint is washable, non toxic and eco friendly. Wherever possible we use recycled paper. Our staff are fully trained and under constant supervision.

Holidays at ButterflyTree

We know that parents are often at a loss during the holidays, looking for fun holiday activities for the kids, that they will love and won't cost you a fortune! That's why during the holidays we offer a special holiday program to keep your little Gems entertained and inspired! Watch our news board for these special announcements.

Emotional Development

What is Social Emotional Development?

Emotional and Social Development involves the ability to identify, interpret and express ones emotions appropriately. It also involves the ability to interpret other people's emotions in order to respond appropriately. This involves the ability to understand the triggers and outcomes of certain emotions. These skills allow children to cope with their own or other people's emotions in a way that creates positive social connections, and fosters the development of healthy and functional adults. Emotional and Social Development is a key development area that is rarely taught in schools.

How will it Benefit my Child?

Emotional Development leads to the mastery of different life skills including:

  • Intrapersonal Skills (Self-awareness, Self-motivation)
  • Mood Management
  • Stress Management
  • Interpersonal Skills (Empathy, Managing relationships)
  • Adaptability

Emotions play a pivotal role in learning and an individual's general functioning. When children are not distracted by confusing feelings they are able to pay attention in school and learn, and will experience a higher quality of life. Child emotional development research shows that when participating in these programs, kids improve their academic performance and attitudes toward school. They also engage in more positive behaviours.

How do I invest in this for my child?

Our Social Emotional Learning takes place in small group classes or through individual consultations. We have an 8 week course that runs during term time. We also offer individual consultations for specific needs.

As a parent/caregiver your role in your child's emotional development is very important. That is why we encourage your participation in our programs. We also offer special workshops for parents which focus on the skills necessary to support your child in developing their emotional development.

Emotional Development is about being SMART with your FEELINGS!

December Holiday Program
11 December 2017 to
18 December 2017
09h00-11h00. Please click here for more info or email me for further details.
Celebrating MotherhoodMotherhood – the state of being a mother. This is the definition of motherhood offered by most dictionaries.   MORE ▶








Just for Fun
Just for Fun
Create & Grow Emotional Development
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If you don't see a time slot that suits you, please contact us. We would love to accommodate you and appreciate
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