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Safe & Responsible

You can rest assured that we are very serious about providing our arts and crafts activities in a safe and responsible manner. All tools and materials are age and stage appropriate. Paint is washable, non toxic and eco friendly. Wherever possible we use recycled paper. Our staff are fully trained and under constant supervision.

Holidays at ButterflyTree

We know that parents are often at a loss during the holidays, looking for fun holiday activities for the kids, that they will love and won't cost you a fortune! That's why during the holidays we offer a special holiday program to keep your little Gems entertained and inspired! Watch our news board for these special announcements.

Creation & Ceramic Station


Creative minds are developing minds. We are passionate about nurturing this creativity. All children benefit greatly from being involved in art and craft activities. It's not necessarily about the end product but the exciting and fascinating journey they go on to create their own masterpiece.

These experiences help to build essential life skills with the added advantage of being FUN!

In the right environment, where children are free to explore, discover and experiment and try out their own ideas, they can flourish and engage in a way that works best for them. This is not about learning to draw or paint, it's about exploring, having fun and being inspired by something quite simple. It's about encouraging young minds so that their own ideas are given a voice. There are huge benefits to self esteem and confidence when a child's own ideas are taken seriously and acknowledged, irrespective of age.

Our exciting, educational and developmentally based workshops are tailored to your child with no stress or mess for you. This gives you essential quality time with your child in a safe and friendly environment. We encourage you to join in the creative process, however understand that busy moms and dads may need to provide this space for their children while they take care of other things. Our trained facilitators are equipped to support these needs.

The Creation and Ceramic Station offer you 3 fun development spaces to nurture creativity and stimulate emotional development:

  1. Just for Fun

    – a space where children can be involved in the art of creativity without mom's having to worry about the mess.
  2. Create and Grow

    – a purpose designed creative class where activities are integrated with emotional development lessons, such as self esteem. Children develop much needed emotional/social skills in a non-threatening and fun way. These skills are often not the focus in other places of learning and are very important in the development of your child. The program incorporates 8 modules run over 8 weeks. We encourage you to take part in the entire program, however your child will benefit from individual sessions as well.
  3. Ceramic Station

    – a space where children can engage in working with clay and ceramics in a friendly social environment.

Limited Availability
We are only able to accommodate a maximum of 8 children per class. All visits to ButterflyTree are by appointment only. Please see our timetable of events to see which activity is taking place when. We are sure you can appreciate that this unique and creative experience means that dates get booked up well in advance. Please contact us to secure your place.

December Holiday Program
11 December 2017 to
18 December 2017
09h00-11h00. Please click here for more info or email me for further details.
Celebrating MotherhoodMotherhood – the state of being a mother. This is the definition of motherhood offered by most dictionaries.   MORE ▶








Just for Fun
Just for Fun
Create & Grow Emotional Development
Ceramic Station
If you don't see a time slot that suits you, please contact us. We would love to accommodate you and appreciate
feedback about how alternative times would be more suitable.
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